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INSINIA IT solutions. .

For a more secure environment

INSINIA works at the heart of the IT Security industry to keep our clients safe, secure and protected from the real online threat that every company in the world faces every day.


INSINIA help you to pick the right infrastructure for your business, ensuring hardware security, accurate IDS, active and reactive firewalls and much more.


Security covers a broad range of scenarios, from Social Engineering to Corporate Espionage - let us test your systems and assist you to find your vulnerabilities and ensure they're resolved ASAP.


Our challenges at work are always changing, and the last thing we need is to be hindered by technology. INSINIA help to deploy BYOD and MDM to ensure connections are fast, safe and secure.

1. Secure Infrastructure

2. Secure Web Presence

3. Secure Mail & Data

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

IT and corporate security isn't just online. Often; securing client data and ensuring web facing up time is integral to not only the continued running of your business, but to client confidence in your brand, practices and, most importantly, in keeping their sensitive information safe. Every year thousands of nefarious hackers are "knocking on the door" of your system. Are you 100% confident? Or is it a matter of time until they get in...




IT partners with a shared vision for security...

Mobility Policies, MDM and BYOD at work are evolving, allowing employees to work "on-the-go", and to transition in to your work place quickly, efficiently, and without compromising the security or integrity of your network and infrastructure.


Infrastructure Is key to the success of your business. We all need data storage, network switches, routers, servers etc. But, in reality, every link in the chain provides a new exploitable vulnerability in your system. Infrastructure's important, but the right infrastructure implemented in the correct way is paramount. Let us work with you to ensure you're always using the right equipment, in the right place, at the right time. You're not fighting the online battle alone. INSINIA are here to help.


Security Implementation and testing is vital, even critical. How much would a security breach cost you? How much is your data worth to competitors? How much is your data worth to extortionists? Could your company recover from identity theft? These types of attacks are happening every single day. The hackers are here. Are you 100% confident in your security?

If the answer's no then get in touch today.

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