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At INSINIA we provide complete bespoke security solutions. Our clients include public, corporate and military establishments looking to secure data, network infrastructure and ensure that their presence, both online and in the “real world”, are active and secure at all times.


INSINIA provide services to fortify a range of systems, whether it’s a data centre in Dubai or a web service in London – we have the skills to test, penetrate and report on any type and size of system.

As Certified Ethical Hackers; we are trained to emulate real world attacks. Our specialists try to penetrate systems, within the scope of a predefined test, to find vulnerabilities, weak spots and potential areas for real life attacks. INSINIA uses a range of attacks and techniques from Social Engineering, Network Stress Testing and DoS simulation to outside attacks, corporate espionage and much, much more.

INSINIA use the same tools and techniques as nefarious hackers, but with a view to protect your data, not steal it.

Cyber Awareness

INSINIA provides bespoke Cyber Training / Cyber Awareness sessions for a range of clients.

A large part of security is knowledge. By engaging with employee's and making them aware of the current threat landscape; we help in keeping large organisations secure across their entire attack surface, not just from digital and electronic attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment / PenetrationTesting

During a Vulnerability Assessment; INSINIA will test all your systems and services within the scope of the test to find the vulnerabilities that exist in your system.


Once these vulnerabilities are identified; INSINIA will provide a comprehensive report to your IT team, Network Administrator, Web Developer or other technical people to guide them through the process of eliminating these vulnerabilities, tightening security and ensuring your systems and services are as safe as possible.

Penetration Testing is the most intensive type of Security Assessment, using the same tools and techniques as nefarious criminals to find weak spots, exploit services and show full PoC's on exactly how your infrastructure is open to attack.

During a PenTest; INSINIA use a range of techniques through tried and tested methodology, including Social Engineering, Physical Security, Web Security, Data Security, Hardware Security and much, much more.

Security Consultancy

INSINIA work as Security Consultants to some of the world's top companies, working with NetAdmin's and IT Consultants on current threats, threat mitigation, IDS and procedures and potential hardware.

Sometimes INSINIA are the "people on the end of the phone" to offer advice when needed, and sometimes we pitch to companies and organisations once a month to assist them in keeping up to date, up to speed and, most of all, secure from different types of attack.

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