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Insinia in the Media...


Insinia are proud to work with top media outlets, including the BBC, LBC, The Sun, Daily Mail and many more. You can watch / listen to some of our pieces below (scroll down for radio).

How to open digital safes!

Open any electronic solenoid safe with nothing but your bare hands!

Insinia Hacks Costco Display Safe!

We hacked the Sentry display safe at Costco with a magnet and a sock!

Lock Picking a Cash Box

Demonstration on how easy it is to pick a lock on "The Ultimate Cash Box"

Cayla Doll Swears!

Cayla threatens to "kick the s*it out of you!". Hacked by PTP.

Insinia Hacks iPhone 6 Biometrics

How to hack iPhone 6 fingerprint with nothing but latex!

Insinia Hacks HTC One M8

How to bypass pin lock using a malicious USB stick.

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