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A bit about INSINIA...

At INSINIA we provide complete bespoke security solutions. Our clients include public, corporate and many other establishments looking to secure data, network infrastructure and ensure that their presence, both online and in the “real world”, are active and secure at all times.

Companies and individuals are quickly realizing that even the simplest of attacks, can cause serious downtime, which in turn obliterates client side trust. If you can’t keep your website up or keep peoples data secure then they’ll simply lose all faith in your company. Prime example; Sony Pictures.

So what exactly does INSINIA do?

INSINIA provide services to fortify a range of systems, whether it’s a data centre in Dubai or a web service in London – we have the skills to test, penetrate and report on any type and size of system.

As Certified Ethical Hackers; we are trained to emulate real world attacks. We try to penetrate systems, within the scope of a predefined test, to find vulnerabilities, weak spots and potential areas for catastrophic attack. Our attacks and techniques range from Social Engineering, Network Stress Testing and DoS simulation to outside attacks, corporate espionage and much, much more.

INSINIA work across a range of infrastructure, with expertise in Windows, UNIX and Prometric systems, as well as all types of hardware. We are highly skilled in all types of technological penetration and exploitation. We survey and assess all areas of corporate infrastructure, from forward facing services (web servers, mail servers etc) to switches, routers and data storage right down to locks on data centre doors and other areas of physical security. We work with policy managers to ensure that the correct policies are implemented and adhered to, and the right steps are taken during disaster recovery and impact protection.

Our testers are EC-Council CEH & CHFI qualified and work within the parameters of Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) and Computer Hacking for Forensic Investigation (CHFI). We work to a strict scope of PenTesting, only working in areas with express written permission, and all of our tests are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement to guarantee the confidentiality of your systems and data.


The IT community is ever changing, adopting NT systems such as cloud storage and services, WiFi infrastructure, BYOD and MDM policies. Are you 100% confident in your systems? If not then get in touch... We're here to help!

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